Sunday, April 25, 2010


a couple months ago, a friend of mine set up a system of regular posting on his blog, to keep himself accountable to his readers, to write more regularly, and probably to make things interesting and a little challenging by requiring certain topics be written on certain days. i like it, so i'll honor him by imitation.

here's the pattern i'd like to keep to:
  • mondays, i'll post up notes/comments on a message i've heard that i've found particularly impactful. i'd like to do this somewhat thematically, so i'm starting by continuing posting the notes from the worshipGod09 conference from back in august.
  • wednesdays, i'll post up either a song that God has impressed upon my heart, or some poetry i've written, as i would like an excuse and new motivation to write more of that.
  • fridays, i'll post something prose-ish from my mind, most likely in the form of random tidbits of thought from the week, especially gleaned insight into familiar Scripture, which i'm glad God has been giving me abundantly recently.

feel free to bug me to stay on this, because on top of the reasons i've mentioned, i'd like to use this as an exercise in faithfulness and consistancy. we'll see how this goes.

God bless you guys.


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