Tuesday, September 22, 2009

c.j. mahaney on cross-centered songs

during the worshipGod09 conference (which i was blessed to attend back in august), c.j. mahaney and bob kauflin had an interview session on what they've learned from leading a church in worship together for the past 30+ years. i highly recommend listening to that session.

one bit that particularly impacted me was one of the reasons sovereign grace has so many songs about the cross and the gospel. below is part of c.j.'s response.

"we must never leave the impression during corporate worship that we do not need a mediator. There isn’t a moment where I don’t need a mediator. In light of the Father’s holiness and my sinfulness, I cannot approach him directly apart from Christ. It is quite possible for us to sing songs that are accurately extolling the attributes of God. But if the cross is absent, we leave the unintended impression that somehow I can approach the Father apart from a mediator—that I can experience intimacy with God apart from the One who died for my many sins."

this idea has significantly changed how i think and pray. i hope you take the time to meditate on this, and that it blesses you as well.

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