Saturday, October 11, 2008

random jottings

- electrical outages at work make for good conversations.
- i can't give myself to Christ as a gift. He bought me at great cost. If the wages of my sin were death, the wages of His grace and mercy are my life and my joy in Him above all things to the praise of His glorious grace.
- the only reason i can stand in front of God is because i stand in Christ. i've known this for awhile, but it really struck me the other day during service.
- God does not hang around like a lost puppy or an insecure friend. He's also not aloof like the hip crowd in school. He's our Father, and as a good father does, He listens when we have something to say, and finds delight in it, even those things that others would deem insignificant. as our perfect Dad, He loves it when we want to talk to Him, to show Him things; even though He already knows, He wants us to tell Him our hopes and joys and hurts and cares. He's just awesome like that.

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