Saturday, July 12, 2008

a great sabbath

so i've spent most of today praying, thinking, and listening to most of the t4g 2008 conference. let me tell you, God is awesome, He speaks clearly through His Word and those He has appointed to preach it, and His grace is glorious. i highly recommend listening through it yourself, especially the messages by john mcarthur on total depravity and by r.c. sproul and al mohler on penal subsitution. lots of awesome, deep stuff said. one lighter note, and a great quote, was this:

"south african waiter: would like the steak or the duck?
prince philip: tell me about the duck.
waiter: it's like a chicken that swims."

the point was that sometimes we really miss the obvious. and i laughed pretty hard. grace and peace, fam.


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