Tuesday, August 12, 2008


these next few weeks will be very interesting. i'll be leaving college, after having classes almost non-stop since last summer, and will be missing a ton of people who are coming back for the fall, and some who never left. i'm really excited for the recent grads of the youth group, and i need to remember to keep them in my prayers as they go off to something new as well. i'm learning once again to let go, which i can't say that i like, but i'm learning more and more how awesome it is that God's in charge, writing a story better than i ever could. i'm excited for spending a few weeks at home. i miss casey an awful lot, even though we talk quite a bit, so it'll be great to spend a few days with her. it's been weird only be spending a week or two here and there at home, as opposed to at least normal summers, let alone pre-college days. i'm really looking forward to spending some quality time with the fam. i miss them a lot, too. and the bunch of friends back home. i'm learning to make the little time that we have quality time. and a little time is all we have. i'm getting excited for the fall. i'll be working at tangibl, a small engineering firm north of philly, so i'll putting what i've learned into practice, and making money for it, so that'll be nice. i'll be living with my uncle and aunt, which will be good, and save me rent. i'll be interning at my cousin's church, which will be awesome, and hopefully learning some greek. so it's looking good. bittersweet, as always. i'm in one of those thoughtful moods, i suppose. listened through resolved, too, so thoughts of eternity factor in somewhere. it's pretty crazy, but God is good, so i don't have to know or understand how all this works out, i just know it does. He is so good, He is always faithful, and thank God that He's in control. more to come.

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At August 13, 2008 at 1:59 PM , Blogger Casey said...

I miss you too, dear. Soon. <3

So...about your 8:30 class. And about how you were up until 3:30.... Hehe, silly goose.


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