Thursday, March 1, 2012

future before present

i just read an interesting article on teaching children that the Bible isn't really about them, but about Jesus. i've heard this idea often, and have used it several times myself. but something struck me new tonight.

what if we won't be fixed? what if our generation isn't going to get it right? what if, for all our hope and angst, we fail to live up to what we want the church to be? what if we stay broken til God calls us home?

but that wasn't too big a revelation. after all, i know we won't be perfect this side of heaven. but there's a flip side to that coin that i've rarely considered.

what if instead we focused on getting it right for those who come after us? what if our aim was not to make it all right, but to set us moving that way? what if we could take some of our junk to our graves, no longer to disturb the church? what if we could give our disciples a better start than we had?

now a risk is there, that we'd set our hope on a golden age this side of the resurrection, that we'd become like parents who set all their hope on their kids and drive them into the ground in seeking perfection. but maybe by aiming at the betterment of our disciples instead of ourselves, by putting the future before the present, maybe we'll do more good for our King and His kingdom.

maybe that's why the "great commission" isn't about us being better men.

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